Nutritional supplements are not only available in several variants. Find out about areas of application and modes of action of the substances offered.


artichoke leaves

The swollen leaves will control the horse digestive effect and easily achievable blood lipid levels. The bitter substance contained in the artichoke leaves supports the metabolism of the liver and bile. Therefore, herbal blends for Most contain artichoke leaves.


Also referred to as vitamin B7 or vitamin H. Scientific studies show that biotin has a positive effect on the formation of keratin in the hoof horn.


The unique combination of an ingredient makes Echinacea suitable for supporting the immune system in horses. Especially in weakened immune systems, increased infection pressure even in respiratory diseases, echinacea is the most commonly used in horses among all medicinal plants.


is an active substance from the group of amino sugars. It is used to treat arthritis. He should also protect the cartilage substance, or fix it. Build up.


linseed oil

Horses need a lot of metabolic processes They perform important tasks in inflammatory metabolism and other specific functions. A deficiency can lead to metabolic disorders. Leave a share of energy for their energy of energy.



is indispensable for the performance and musculature of the horses. Magnesium deficiencies can lead to tension or problems with digestion. Often the animals lack the joy of movement.



is an organic sulfur. Organic sulfur is incorporated into over 150 different "building blocks" of the horse's body.


Rice bran oil

The rice germ oil is mainly fed by its gamma oryzönal (phytosterol) to a horse. Gamma-oryzonal as a natural ingredient of the rice grain is said to stimulate the metabolism of horses for muscle formation.


Black cumin oil / seeds

Black cumin oil is extracted from the true black cumin (Nigell sativa). This will come from West Asia and be used as a cure. The valuable ingredients of the Black Cows are especially helpful for allergies, eczema and chronic cough.



The trace element selenium is basically vital to the body. It protects the cell membranes of the body from harmful influences. In addition, selenium helps the horse in the formation of antibodies and messengers and has many effects on fertility such as metabolic processes such as liver detoxification, thyroid function and hair loss. Fur growth. Since the selenium in the horse is involved in many different processes in the horse's body, one should avoid a selenium deficiency.


devil's claw

They owe their name to spending their fruits. The roots are processed. The contained substance complex has a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system, the muscles and joints of the horse. In addition, the contained bitter substances support the digestive system.


aluminum oxide

A natural alternative to cooling gel are clay products. This paste contains the water pleasures. The evaporating water cools and the dry earth pulls out of the water, reducing swelling. The clay is extremely skin-friendly than the cooling gel.


zinc ointment

is used for a long time for wound treatment. Their effectiveness is due, for the most part, to the mildly antiseptic (astringent), astringent, sorptive and wound healing promoting effects of the zinc oxide contained therein. It will primarily use sores and scratches on nasal or itchy areas, but not on the edge of the wound or in open, deep dermal wounds.